GEEBovMit - LA 3.4

Research & Development

Mitigating GHG emissions in beef cattle production - pastures, forages and natural additives

Operational objectives:

Reducing GHG emissions from livestock and agricultural practices

Increasing carbon sequestration in soils


Demonstrate that the composition and proportion of botanical genera (legumes/grasses) present in pastures influences the Carbon Balance and define which grassland mixtures, persistent and highly productive, will improve this balance.


Installation of different grassland mixtures (in the legume/grass ratio), created according to the characteristics of each of the seven sites, which will make it possible to obtain data on biomass production, stocking rates, persistence of plant species, evolution of organic matter levels and the retention and emission of GHGs (CO2, CH4, N2O) in the soil.

Creation of a National Network of Plots - Observatory, to monitor the parameters mentioned.

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