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The sustainability of territories is supported by various economic, social and environmental factors. The environmental pillar is one of the most important, as the natural heritage, managed in a judicious, disciplined and pragmatic way, makes it possible to build a solid foundation that guarantees the other aspects, social and economic. This makes it possible for people to settle and generates local/regional and national wealth in a prosperous and lasting way. In addition, it is environmental support that provides a number of complementary and free goods and services that are indispensable to the existence of the human species (e.g. air and water quality, soil health, health and quality of life). Therefore, the environmental aspect is crucial to the viability of agriculture, one of the primary sectors that is decisive in food autonomy and strengthening social and territorial cohesion, counteracting depopulation phenomena, desertification processes and aggravating the current effects of climate change.

Thus, we identify as an opportunity the possibility of re-establishing/restoring a set of natural values that support the environmental services that agricultural activity, on the one hand, powers and, on the other, enjoys.

Operational objectives
- Promoting the sustainability of agriculture

- Maintaining and increasing agricultural areas in agroforestry territories most vulnerable to the risk of rural fires

- Promoting agricultural and agroforestry ecosystem services

- Promoting the sustainable use of soil, water and biodiversity

General objective of the partnership
- Implement the adoption of improvement practices that will contribute to sustainable production regimes

- Valuing the environmental services of ecosystems

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